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Nepal is an easily accessible country. To explore the magical beauty of this land, you can use various means of transportation. Accommodation can also be easily obtained. However, there are some social conventions which must be preserved so that your stay is worth the while.

You can reach Nepal by air, rail, road or bus. Kathmandu is the main airport of this country. As for internal traveling, there are domestic air services, metered taxis, buses, cars for rentals, buses and mountain bikes for hire. While driving, you should remember that traffic drives on the left here.

Accommodation is not an issue in Nepal as you will find not only five star hotels but also affordable government registered hotels and lodges. The cheaper lodges are situated in the old areas of Kathmandu and Thamel. Most hotels will offer you both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

When in Nepal, do what the Nepalis do. This is a land of strict etiquettes. Here, the gesture used during greetings is not a handshake but a “namaste” where you join your palms together. Before entering any Nepali home, temple or stupa, remember to take your shoes off and enter barefooted. Leather articles are also not permitted inside the temples. Women are advised not to wear clothing which may show bare shoulders, backs or legs. Before taking photographs, seek permission. Never touch anyone with your feet and avoid showing public displays of affection. By following such conventions, your stay in Nepal will be made all the more pleasant.

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